Renewable Energy Financial Modelling

  • Your Single Source of Digital Truth.
Exfin - Renewable Energy Financial Modelling

exfin is proud to be a nominee for the SEAI Energy Awards finals


Make Better Decisions, Faster

Energy security, diversity of supply and acceleration towards net zero are paramount.

If you are a developer, consultant or investor, detailed technical and financial models are critical to selecting and developing the best projects.

The solution: exfin Software

  • Integrates with existing technical tools
  • Create actionable insights based on financial KPIs
  • Allow users to optimise their wind farms through LCOE, bid prices and margins
  • View detailed metrics such as IRR, NPV, ROI, Capacity factor, and LCOE on a single dashboard
  • Prepare the best project for PPA, CFD, bid and auction success. Make better decisions faster

All Data Centralised in One Single Renewable Energy Financial Modelling Software

Our ‘Single Source of Digital Truth’ will help you to optimise your renewable energy financial modelling.

Technical and financial data are entered into Exfin to forecast detailed financial models with zero risk of human error.

Add your resource, device and financial parameters to produce your project’s financial metrics.

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    Generate the project’s cashflow in seconds
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    Support design and business decisions with robust, transparent KPI analysis
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    Identify key cost drivers and create actionable insights
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    Determine cost reduction pathways
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    Maximise the use of your resource
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    Compare unlimited versions of your projects

Build, Analyse and Optimise your Projects, Streamline the Process all on One Digital Platform

An advanced software solution for project developers, consultants, and investors.

  • Project Developers

    • Prospect the best locations
    • Test different technology offers and find the best for your project
    • Stress test the technical and financial elements of all possible scenarios
    • Optimisation of your data
    • Discount poor projects quickly
  • Consultancies

    • Quickly build and share models with clients
    • Focus on higher-value services through our Analytics and What-if features
    • Increase turnaround and margin
    • Standardise your workflow and shorten onboarding
    • Better resource management
  • Investors & Funds

    • Make informed decisions using reliable due diligence and scenario analysis
    • Compare multiple projects and mixed offshore renewable technologies on a like-for-like basis
    • Portfolio view of all projects on a single dashboard
    • Create summary reports

Pricing & Onboarding

using exfin software
Exfin is designed so that you can access all platform features in order to fully leverage its analytical power.
  • Best Fit Solution – developed with the offshore renewable energy community for their specific needs & requirements
  • A comprehensive onboarding programme delivered by our in house technical support team
  • An adoption program ensures smooth integration with your organisations existing practices
  • Our in-house advisory team on hand to assist your business intelligence queries in a truly collaborative manner

A Renewable Energy Financial Modelling Solution Designed by Experts for the Renewable Sector

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Established in 2015, Exceedence Ltd. is an Irish company specialising in the renewable energy sector. The senior team at Exceedence possess deep knowledge and expertise in the specialist areas of renewable energy, finance, ICT, and policy.

Exceedence exists to provide techno-financial modelling and analysis that supports design optimisation, identifies cost reduction pathways, and drives LCOE reductions via project innovation.

Identifying the need for standardised financial modelling to both optimise and de-risk projects, Exceedence designed and developed Exfin for the renewable energy sector.

Exceedence have and continue to progress sector development through their leadership in

10 key EU projects

and in their advisory role to

90+ Clients

from the developer community

  • The Marine Energy Alliance project has allowed us to access services from reputable companies INNOSEA and Exceedence. The combined technical and commercial services have enabled us to independently verify feasibility of the LRD.

    Danny Golden
    Dublin Offshore
  • EY purpose built a model to identify commonalities and differences with Exceedence’s proprietary software, Exfin. The outputs were used by Exceedence to provide independent verification of Exfin’s output.


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