End-to-End Renewable Energy Project Development & Management

Exfin is the first complete renewable energy financial platform designed for teams. Collaborate in real time and gain actionable insights about your renewable energy project.


Exfin – Helping You Manage Your Unknowns

It’s easy to manage what you know, but how do you manage what you don’t know?

As a single source of digital truth, exfin software helps to explore the unknowns, de-risk, and ultimately better quantify and build your renewable energy project, from the outset.

Whether your project is wind, wave, tidal or floating solar, exfin is the ultimate renewable energy financial modelling solution that offers reliable, and auditable results.

  • Generate the project’s cashflow in seconds

    Take the outputs of your project, view them on the exfin dashboard or present detailed cashflows in a downloadable CSV file if required.

    exfin cashflow chart
  • Transparent KPI analysis

    Dive deep into the financial metrics of your project. Support design and business decisions with robust, transparent KPI analysis.

    exfin software graph
  • Analyse the outputs of your project

    Identify key cost drivers and create actionable insights. Pinpoint with accuracy which project costs or inputs are deterring your financial metrics from reaching their maximum potential.

    exfin tornado chart
  • Determine cost reduction pathways

    Enhance your profits. Utilise exfin’s various analytics options to discover where savings can be made.

    product graph
  • Maximise the use of your resource

    Generate your maximum yield potential. Identify which devices are the best suit for your resource.

    wind turbines
  • Compare unlimited versions of your projects 

    Compare and contrast every one of your projects all on the one screen. Sort and rank your projects based on their most favourable KPI’s.

    exfin dashboard
  • exfin cashflow chart
  • exfin software graph
  • exfin tornado chart
  • product graph
  • wind turbines
  • exfin dashboard

Make better decisions, faster.

exfin creates a centralised, single source of digital truth in 4 simple steps.

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